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Voted 'Best Barbecue' by hour magazine 5 years in row!

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#1 on trip advisor in each city we are located!

Voted 'Best Barbecue' by hour magazine 5 years in row!

#1 on trip advisor in each city we are located!


Let Bad Brad’s BBQ Cater Your Next Special Occasion!

We can cater any size party, from 15 people all the way up to 5,000 people! Delivery, set up, full service, whatever you need we have you covered! Great for office parties, weddings, grad parties, or any special event!

For further questions, or to place a catering order please call (586) 797-0125.

Catering 101

What type of events do you cater?

We are prepared to cater any type of indoor or outdoor events from 10-10,000 people. If you have a group of people and need BBQ we have you covered!

Can I choose what Bad Brads location I want to order from?

All orders are placed through Bad Brads BBQ Catering Headquarters. Then we will figure out which location is the nearest and most convenient for you.

Does Bad Brads participate in festivals and events?

We do, please contact our catering manager for more information.

Do you deliver and how much is it?

Yes, we can deliver your catering order. Delivery fees are based on the distance traveled from the closest Bad Brads location nearest to you.

Can you setup and keep an eye on my event for the evening?

We have a limited amount of staff to deliver/setup and maintain the food portion of your event (we do recommend you book early to reserve). Once setup our team will keep an eye on the buffet line during our time at your event and will clean up and breakdown our portion. Our staff will be their roughly 2-3 hours. If more time or additional services are needed the catering manager may be able to accommodate so please inquire.

Is the food on the catering menu prepared the same way as the food in the restaurant?

YES! Bad Brads catering is prepared with the same recipes and care as you come to expect from all our locations.

I have a last minute event, can you help?

We can handle last minute orders without a problem but we recommend as much notice as possible.

I don’t see some of my favorite items from the restaurant menu on the catering menu, can I order them?

Yes, we can provide some of the items that you’ve come to love from the restaurant menu. Keep in mind, with time and travel quality tends to suffer on some of our more popular items. The catering manager can explain more.

How far away do you guys deliver?

As mentioned above time and distance is the enemy of food quality, we recommended an hour to an hour and a half maximum travel time to ensure the quality of food that you’ve come to expect from Bad Brads BBQ.

Hey, I’m heading out of town and I need food but we won’t be eating it for a day or two?

We can set you up with quality cold food, we also have simple reheating instructional videos that you can watch right from your phone/tablet/computer.

One of my family members has food allergies, can you accommodate?

Since everything is made from scratch at Bad Brads (YES I mean everything!) we have total control of our food and know exactly what goes into everyone of our items. The catering menu lists items that have or come in contact with gluten. The catering manager is trained on this topic and will be happy to answer any additional allergy questions you may have.

I’m having a party at my house and I’m wondering when I should have the food arrive?

We always recommend that you get the food to your event as late as you possibly can. Remember that time is the enemy when it comes to food quality, so if it’s a pickup or delivery try and get it there so when the food shows up people are ready to eat. This also eliminates you having to worry about how to keep the food hot for extended periods of time.

How much food will I need for my party, help!

The simplest answer is the build your own BBQ menu. You tell us how many people you have and we figure out how much food you will need! Otherwise, we have some general guidelines on the catering menu. Our catering manager will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have so please feel free to call.

What type of serving tray does the food come in?

All catering items from Bad Brads BBQ are served in 1⁄2 catering pans, two 1⁄2 catering pans will fit in a traditional chafer setup.

For further catering questions, please call our catering team at (586) 797-0125.

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